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Trust, Committed, Support are words many companies use. For 19 long years, we have lived by these words to show our integrity towards clients and consultants. ISRO "India's Prestigious Organization" as recognized and partnered with us through out of our journey in accomplishing client's requirements and requests.

We have supported GPS tracker solutions, GIS Mapping Services, Fleet management, E2E Fleet Tracking of PAN India. There is pride in our commitment for finding the right solution to the client as we provide highly capable professional for a project, we undertake. Meeting Clients expectation is important, but more crucial point we follow is to provide CONFIDENCE in our 100% successful deliverables.

Our professional family is serving clients all over the world and our professionals are trained/updated with latest technologies to help them find more advanced development and innovative solutions for any industry.

Trans Global Geomatics (TGG) motto "Motivation, Integrity, Commitment are now and forever, One and Inseparable". Our relationship with Clients and Consultants is also inseparable when it comes to Support and Service. We are an Industry that provides excellence to Industry Leaders. Trans Global Geomatics - Sincerely thanks you for support and commitment.

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Why Trans Global Geomatics?

We are one of the GPS Tracking, GIS Mapping and Drones service providers, we strive hard to offer scalable and a powerful solutions for your business. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment, good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Our Support Team is Friendly, Fast, and Knowledgeable.

Dynamic solutions along with GPS Tracking

Business based Dashboard Design

R & D team to work on your engineering needs

REST API support

PAN India resident engineer support

Quality Assurance and timely delivery

365 days call centre support

Experienced Engineering staff

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GPS tracking device can work in various ways. From a commercial perspective, GPS devices are generally used to record the position of vehicles as they make their journeys. Some systems will store the data within the GPS tracking system itself. An active GPS tracking device is also known as a real-time system as this method automatically sends the information on the GPS system to a central tracking portal or system in real-time as it happens.

MAPPING Products



Drone Mapping

Stealth 3D Mouse

Nuvision 3d 60GX glasses

NVidia Graphics Cards

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GPS with Fuel


GPS with Camera

GPS with Load Sensor

GPS with No GSM shadow zones

GPS Personal Tracker

Mobile App for Tracking ( Android & IOS)

Advanced GPS with IP 66

OBD GPS Tracker

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UAV s for Entertainment

UAVs for Mapping

UAVs for Security and Surveilance

UAVs for Agriculture.

UAVs for Power generation companies

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Trans Global Geomatics Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneers in the field of Vehicle Tracking System, Fleet Management, GPS Tracking & Fuel Tracking Services. Having established in the year 2001 TGG has executed many international projects which has added great value to our customer which in turn increased the ROI to our customers. Trans Global Geomatics Pvt Ltd is partnered with International Companies to provide the most accurate solutions. We believe in 100% commitment towards the most reliable solutions.


Go the extra mile with the increased fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency you'll gain from Trans Global Geomatics GPS tracking devices.


Our LBS solution for government is specifically designed for all agencies and supports security, emergency, infrastructure, law enforcement, and a variety of other tracking applications.


Maximize the productivity of utilities equipment and personnel with our GPS tracking solution for utilities, featuring integrated work order management.


Cable& Telecom

Our GPS tracking services can dispatch the closest available worker to a location, and send customers a dedicated link.


Child Protection

With our GPS tracking devices, parents have a variety of device options and customizations that they can use to locate their children if they become lost.



The Trans Global Geomatics GPS tracking system allows construction companies to track vehicles and assets both during the workday and when in storage.

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OnGoing Projects

Trans Global Geomatics Pvt Ltd has established its name in the Indian Telematics Industry in providing the best logistics solutions having PAN India presence. TGG is operating in 18 states and 12 countries in which we are providing the best optimal solutions in Tracking the consumer vehicles, corporate vehicles. TGG has the diversified client base where we cater to the needs of the industry verticals Logistics, Cold Chain, Transportation, Supply chain management, Caro movement, Security and surveillance. TGG has moved into the advanced Tracking solutions where we have implemented the ADAS and CAN data reading in pulling the live engine data which helps in analyzing the engine health of the vehicles.

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
    Trans Global Geomatics - GPS Tracking
    Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • DHL Country Wide Tracking
    Vehicle Tracking
    Lafarge Country Wide Tracking
    Vehicle Tracker
  • Manchukonda Fuel Monitoring
    Vehicle Tracker
    GPS With Temperature Monitoring
    Vehicle Tracking

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