• GPS with Engine hours calculator for JCB

GPS with Engine hours calculator for JCB

TGG GPS With Engine Hours Calculator for JCB is a unique solution that gives you information about the engine working hours with and without movement of the vehicles. It comes with 8 hours back up battery and power cut off alarm.

If you have a JCB and confused to know the engine hours of JCB, then use our GPS tracking device and know the engine hours easily. TGG GPS Tracking Device monitors the operating status of the machine so, it will help you to know the current operating hour count and also let you know whether the engine is idling or runs with a heavy load. GPS Tracking provides you accurate up to date reports so you can save your time.


  • ★ Our unique solution gives you the engine working hours with and without movement of the vehicles.
  • ★ Internal GPS and GSM antennas.
  • ★ Engine cut off facility at any point.
  • ★ Spy voice monitoring.
  • ★ 50 channel high sensitivity GPS chip.
  • ★ Mileage will be provided without odometer connection.
  • ★ Inbuilt motion sensor for theft proof.
  • ★ l8 hours back up battery.
  • ★ Power cut off alarm.
  • ★ In built geofence facility (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Monitoring range 5M.
  • ★ Over speed and under speed fixing through device (without any help of platform).
  • ★ 5 geofence zones (rectangular or circle).
  • ★ Both passive and active tracking facility.
  • ★ Compact, hidden device.
  • Features:

    Increasing The Profit Margin

    For any business one should look for more effective ways to improve their revenue. In the case of heavy equipment, the largest expense items are fuel costs and engine hours. Our GPS tracking effectively keeps an eye on every liter of fuel consumed and let you know about the how many hours engine worked. By knowing all these details you can easily increase your profit.

    Preserving Value By Tracking

    With the help of the TGG GPS tracking device , you can see exactly how many hours been spent idling and how much time was spent productively. By monitoring the engine, you can quickly understand what was done during the working hours and whether it worked for useful purpose or not.