• GPS Personal Tracker

GPS Personal Tracker

TGGPL GPS Personal Tracker is specially designed for Kids, Pets, Employees, Women, Elders and even for your vehicles. GPS Tracking devices that we are offering are small in size, so you can easily place in a purse or backpack. Nowadays most of the people use Small Personal GPS Tracking Devices to share their location with family members in case any medical emergency is required.

TGG Personal GPS tracking devices are ideal for individuals who are going for dangerous areas. If any danger occurs an alert message will go to your family members in just a few seconds. Real-time personal GPS tracking devices are great ways to track our loved ones in an easy way and keep them safe.

  • ★ Mobile phone.
  • ★ With GPS&LBS Locating function.
  • ★ Voice monitoring function.
  • ★ SOS emergency call.
  • ★ Fast Dial.
  • ★ Watch function.
  • ★ Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.
  • ★ Handheld and Vehicle purpose.
  • ★ Built-in GSM, GPS antenna, compact, elegant appearance.
  • ★ Support GPS and LBS (Location based service) double tracking solutions.
  • ★ Support SMS/GPRS/Internet Network data transmission.
  • ★ Support configure the settings remotely.
  • ★ Set multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and management in its entirety.
  • ★ Used widely for person, vehicle and other moving objects tracking.
  • Features:

    SOS Function:

    This is one of the essential features of the TGG GPS Personal Tracking device. These personal GPS trackers have safety feature i.e., a panic button that will send out an SOS if the individual is in danger position.


    Our GPS Personal tracking devices are user-friendly that comes with unique features like waterproofing and also provides more benefits to the user.

    Real-Time Tracking:

    Trans Global Geomatics GPS Personal Tracking devices track your child, friends, pets and elders in the least time with many up to date features. This key feature allows you to track the exact location of your loved ones spontaneously.


    You can get speed alerts immediately whenever your friends, kids, family member, elders are in danger.