• GPS with Two Way Communication

GPS with Two Way Communication

Our GPS with Two Way Communication makes sure that the people inside the vehicle safe and enabling the user to contact their family members/friends if in case an emergency situation occurs. TGG GPS device comes with a mic and a speaker to make two-way communication possible with SOS.

TGG GPS with Two Way Communication installation is firm and it does not get affected even if it gets in touch with water and dust in any situation.


  • ★ Two way communication with the driver.
  • ★ Spy voice monitoring.
  • ★ 20 channel high sensitivity GPS chip.
  • ★ Mileage will be provided without odometer connection.
  • ★ Inbuilt motion sensor for theft proof.
  • ★ 4 hours back up battery.
  • ★ Power cut off alarm.
  • ★ In built geofence facility (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Monitoring range 5M.
  • ★ Over speed and under speed fixing through device (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Both passive and active tracking facility.
  • Features:


    Our device supports GPS, Wifi, LBS positioning. But GPS is for outdoor positioning, Wifi, and LBS for indoor position.

    SOS Call

    With the SOS button and two-way voice function, kids and elders can press the SOS button for help and talk with the host if they are in an emergency.


    Once if the geofence is set up, then you will get an alert incase if your kids are out of the range of the setup circle.