• GPS with Camera

GPS with Camera

In today hectic world, both school officials and parents are concerned about the safety of school children especially with respect to their journey on the school bus and the vans. Child's security and safety are the topmost priority for any parent.

Our GPS with camera alert you for the unforeseen situation, reminders for pick up/drop off real-time monitoring of the bus. Students on the bus using a built-in camera can send any notification by school admin to parents. Also, it enables live tracking so parents can see the current location of the school bus.


  • ★ Automatically captures images every 3 minutes and stores in the cloud.
  • ★ Live Tracking of Pictures.
  • ★ Live Tracking of Pictures with time stamp and location.
  • ★ Takes pictures even in night condition( with IR mode).
  • ★ Track the location of the school buses through a web-interface & Mobile.
  • ★ Monitor bus stops and real time location.
  • ★ Entry/exits from Geo fence status.
  • ★ Triggers pictures when the engine is switched off.
  • Benefits

  • It reports location while moving every 60 seconds.
  • Video playback shows footage, map, timestamp, and motion.
  • It uses a 3G Cellular network for superior coverage.
  • GPS with a Camera comes with a standby battery. It provides up to 1-month continual use when unpowered.
  • Motion sensors to detect movement.