• GPS with Fuel

As the cost of fuel going up high, fleet managers explore cost-efficient methods to control this unavoidable expense. GPS Vehicle Tracking system can be one of the most useful tools for remote fuel management by smartphones or computers. TGG GPS tracking devices identify the amount of fuel remotely.

GPS Fuel Monitoring system application allows a vehicle tracking system to provide the information not only about the speed and vehicle location but also about real-time fuel level. Use our TGG fuel monitoring system with vehicle tracking to prevent tank draining and fraud attempts.


  • ★ 99.2 % Accuracy in Fillings , Consumption & Thefts.
  • ★ Absolute End to End Fuel Monitoring Solution.
  • ★ Location of Fillings at Fuel Filling stations with time stamp.
  • ★ Live Tracking with Fuel Volume.
  • ★ Fuel Consumption with vehicle movement.
  • ★ Fuel consumption without vehicle movement.
  • ★ Engine Running Hours.
  • ★ No of Kilometres Travelled Distance.
  • ★ Auto Fuel Consumption Rates.
  • ★ Auto Mileage calculations.
  • ★ Complete fuel reporting along with the history.
  • ★ 100% server uptime.
  • ★ Android & IOS Support.
  • ★ Professional Trained Engineers.
  • Benefits:

    Monitor Excessive Speed

    Driving at speeds higher than the vehicle's optimal fuel performance decreases the mileage. Drivers can improve miles per gallon and save a much amount of fuel and money certainly by following the speed limit.

    Eliminate Needless and Wasteful Idling

    We know that idling engines lead to wastage of fuel. Reducing unnecessary engine idle time is the best way for fleet operators to save fuel.

    Fueling Control

    Our GPS fuel monitoring system allows the user to know where, when and how much fuel was filled into the tank. It avoids the manipulation of fuel and decreases the operation cost.

    Fuel Theft Control

    If the GPS tracking device is installed on a vehicle, then the fleet operator receives the complete data about the changes in fuel level in the tank from the fuel level sensor. Also, you can know about the unauthorized fuel draining immediately.

    Alert On Refuel & Drain

    Drivers can easily manipulate the fuel bills and vouchers. If you want to know how much amount of fuel was refilled, at what time and where it was filled, then install our GPS tracking device. So, you can get alerts on refuel & drain through SMS or Email.