• GPS with RFID

GPS Vehicle Tracking With RFID

GPS With RFID is an effective solution for the parents who are worrying about their children. For instance, school buses are fixed with enabled RFID GPS device that can let parents track where their children are. The system can be configured to alert the parents of their child getting out of or getting onto the bus in real time. Also, the tracker unit can be interfaced with external sensor hardware to make the bus more safe or to call for help during a crisis.


  • ★ Automatic Attendance system once the kid reaches the bus.
  • ★ Automatic Reporting to parents about the Pickup & dropping of the kid from Bus.
  • ★ Track the location of the school buses through a web-interface & Mobile.
  • ★ Monitor bus stops and real time location.
  • ★ Entry/exits from schools/ bus yards status.
  • ★ SMS will be triggered to each parent when the bus leaves the school premises.
  • ★ SMS will be triggered to parents before 3 stops prior to their pick up point so that they can reach the pickup points accordingly.
  • ★ Emails will be sent to parents as well as school authority to notify the routes.