• Mobile App for Tracking ( Android & IOS)

Mobile App for Tracking ( Android & IOS)

In the present generation, usage of GPS Mobile Tracking has become more. If you are a parent, bothered about your child protection, then better use GPS mobile tracking app. With this app, you can easily find your child and even you can find your lost devices.

TGG GPS Phone Tracker is a reliable tool particularly for parents who want to know where exactly their child is at all times. We know that every year, a lot of kids are missing so, as a parent, you also concerned about your kid's safety. So, use our GPS Mobile Tracking App for (Android or IOS) to know your kid's real-time location and feel relieved.

Mobile Tracking app is actually hidden in yours and your following person phone and that can show the exact location, report when the person leaves home or goes somewhere else. Moreover, you no need to ask your employees to carry a GPS Tracker along with them to know where they are. Instead, just install the GPS Mobile Tracker app on their device to know the real-time location.

  • ★ Real time location of the marketing teams(humans).
  • ★ The route undertaken by the marketing teams.
  • ★ Total Distance travelled, distance travelled by Marketing Persons, Real time, time taken during a trip, Speed, deviation.
  • ★ Over Speed alerts.
  • ★ Map having option of zoom levels.
  • ★ Battery level indication by placing the cursor on the unit.
  • ★ Route deviation.
  • ★ Custom messages (send/receive).
  • ★ Sending photos with geo-tagged location.
  • ★ Auto start up.
  • ★ Work by schedule.
  • ★ Work while being charged.
  • ★ Use password for unit.
  • ★ Notifications.
  • ★ Security password to modify application.
  • ★ User will be unable to start/stop the service.
  • ★ Sending log files travelled by the tracker.
  • ★ Debug mode used to store log files when there is no network signal.
  • ★ Route creation.
  • ★ SOS.
  • ★ Unlimited no of users/logins.
  • ★ Software development kit.