• OBD GPS Tracker

OBD GPS Tracker

TGG OBD Tracker is an enhanced version so it offers many new features. Our OBD tracker has the capability to interpret the complex information from any vehicle Engine Control Unit into a format which is easy to understand. You just need to attach the OBD GPS Tracker to the OBD port of the car under the dashboard and you can also use it even when it is unplugged.


  • ★ Plug & Play Luxury Device.
  • ★ Internal GPS and GSM antennas.
  • ★ Spy voice monitoring.
  • ★ 20 channel high sensitivity GPS chip.
  • ★ Mileage will be provided without odometer connection.
  • ★ Inbuilt motion sensor for theft proof.
  • ★ 4 hours back up battery.
  • ★ Power cut off alarm.
  • ★ In built geofence facility (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Monitoring range 5M.
  • ★ Over speed and under speed fixing through device (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Both passive and active tracking facility.
  • ★ Compact, hidden device.
  • Features:


    Our OBD Plug and Play GPS tracker will help you to track all your loved ones as well as employees in just a single screen and also within a short span of time. A sim based device is used to send information to the server via the GSM network. So, the user can remotely monitor the car location on a mobile app or web application.


    Our plug and play GPS tracker does not require any charging. Because this GPS tracking device is always connected to the OBD port of your car so it will get charging from the car only you no need to charge it.

    Trip Report:

    Our OBD GPS Tracker device generates reports of every trip. The report includes daily, weekly, and monthly total fuel consumption details, driving behavior report, cost saving and economic efficiency details.

    Parking Notification:

    The best of our OBD GPS Tracking device is it enables parking alerts. With the help of this feature, you can always track the location of your vehicle whether it is parked or not.

    Multiple Car Switching:

    Our OBD plug & play GPS tracker comes with multiple cars Switching Feature . So, you can use this device in multiple cars. It is a user-friendly device so you can plug & play in any car.