• Case Studies


Client: Vijayawada municipality

Vijayawada municipality having 80 sanitation vehicles in city. All the vehicles have to make minimum of 5 trips per a day. The drivers of vehicles are not making the perfect trips every day and theft fuel from vehicles. Management got complaints from the public that they have not cleared the garbage bin on his/her areas.

So commissioner decided to monitor the vehicle using GPS with following parameters listed below:

  • Trips reports of the whole day of each vehicle.
  • Device idling alert, if vehicle stops more than 5 min.
  • Bin management reports and alerts (to know whether the bin is cleared or not)
  • Live tracking with complete play back option for whole day (to know where the vehicle is travelled for the whole day).
  • Chronology report for complete status of 80 vehicles at any time.
  • Connection loss alert and report (in case of any GPRS or connection failure).
  • Driver report bonded to the particular vehicle.
  • Mileage report for the vehicle.
  • Reports in different formats (PDF, CSV, HTML, XML, Excel).
  • Complete reports and track play back with 3months backup facility.

  • Schools

    Client: International School, Kakinada, Hyderabad

    One of the International schools having 40 school buses, collects the children every day. Parents of the children have to wait for the bus every day until for bus arrival in the stop. The drivers of the bus theft the fuel by taking buses to some hide places.

    Management decided to monitor the vehicle using GPS with following parameters:

  • Device idling alert, if vehicle stops more than 5 min (Through SMS and E-mail)
  • Automatic alerts for parents about bus location.
  • Clear picture track with complete stops for whole day of each vehicle.
  • Each parents have their login access to monitor school bus.
  • Complete engine hours report.

  • Personal Tracking / Mobile Tracking

    Client: Mother in Hyderabad

    A mother wants to track his son in U.K. When and where locations he has travelled with the whole day. She wants to monitor whether his son going to college (when the time he step in to college and time he came out from college).

    TGG provided two solutions

  • Personnel tracker or watch
  • Provided application for his mobile

  • Personal Tracking / Mobile Tracking

    Client: A customer in Hyderabad

    A customer wants to track his elderly parents and his mentally retarded brother. The customer wants to know the location by sending the sms to the tracker to know the location and we have given the solution with location as well as on the Map.

    TGG provided the following for his options

  • Personnel tracker
  • GPS watch
  • GPS mobile

  • Ready Mixture Concrete

    Client: Lafarge

    One of the Biggest Concrete company having branches all over India approximately 20 states having a fleet size of 600+ have chosen TGG tracking to take control over the vehicles where they expect us to deliver the reports basing on the following conditions

  • No Of Kilometers Travelled Distance
  • Visited Non Visited Plant report
  • Zone wise
  • Cluster wise
  • No of Stops
  • Harsh Braking
  • Over Acceleration
  • Over speeding
  • Unauthorized Halting
  • Un authorized Parking

  • We have given the absolute solution 100% precision.

    Fuel Tracking

    Client: IOCL Tanker

    The customers vehicle moves between filling station to the customer gas station. the time duration between filling station and the site is 50 km , in the mean time the drivers are removing the diesel and the per day theft is 50-100 litres so we have provided a gps with camera near the tank hole which captures the pictures continuously and reports the theft to the owner.

  • GPS
  • IR Camera
  • Tracking Platform
  • Mobile App ( for watching the movement of the vehicle)

  • We have given the absolute solution 100% precision.

    Sim Based Tracking

    Client: Food Transportation

    The customers Vehicles moves nearby non GSM (Shadow) zones to deliver the food material to the Plants and the customer is most worried about the No of Kilo meters travelled distance as its a third party vendors fleet.

    We have given a solution which works 100% accurately and gives you the actual no of kilometers travelled distance.

    We are managing a fleet size of 620 vehicle on PAN india basis with this customer.

    GPS with High Memory served their purpose we have given the following solution as well.

  • Car speed limit - 60km/hr. (customizable as per needs)
  • Harsh braking for car -reduction of speed
  • Harsh braking for Truck mixer -reduction of speed
  • Over Acceleration- sudden increase of acceleration
  • Speed can be customized as per a road speed limits

  • We have given the absolute solution 100% precision.