• GPS with Temperature sensor

GPS with Temperature sensor

Using GPS with Temperature Sensor in a refrigerated device alerts you when the temperature drops or rises and also it depends on what you have configured on the platform. Mostly temperature sensors are widely used for refrigerated trucks carrying meat, milk products, and other temperature sensitive assets. TGG GPS with a Temperature sensor is used for monitoring temperature including builtin and external types.


  • ★ On the go temperature monitoring of Food Beverages.
  • ★ Live Tracking with Temperature monitoring.
  • ★ Alerts on the temperature change.
  • ★ Spy voice monitoring.
  • ★ Inbuilt motion sensor for theft proof20 channel high sensitivity GPS chip.
  • ★ Mileage will be provided without odometer connection.
  • ★ Inbuilt motion sensor for theft proof.
  • ★ 4 hours back up battery.
  • ★ Power cut off alarm.
  • ★ In built geofence facility (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Monitoring range 5M.
  • ★ Over speed and under speed fixing through device (without any help of platform).
  • ★ Both passive and active tracking facility.
  • Features:

    Temperature Alert

    Our GPS with a temperature sensor raises an alert as soon as the temperature goes out of desirable temperature. You will get an automated SMS and Email alert when there is a temperature excursion.

    Dustproof & Waterproof

    TGG GPS With Temperature sensor is waterproof and dustproof so that it works well for a long time.

    Web-based Sensor Application

    In addition to SMS and Email alerts, a web-based cloud application is also available. So it displays all the sensor information in a simple dashboard. Moreover, you can view and download historical temperature data.